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iModeller 3D Web Edition Tour: Export File Formats

With the unique UZR export, iModeller 3D Web Edition creates instant Web3D content with a single mouseclick! No plugin is required for the online 3D display - all you need to watch your 3D model is a java-enabled browser. Both Java applet and UZR files are transferred quickly - a 3D model with 1000 poylgons is about 100 Kb and is streamed, enabling immediate visual feedback even with slow modem connections.

Profit from Millions of preinstalled Browser Plugins

iModeller 3D Web Edition Screenshot You can also export the 3D model to QuickTime and Macromedia Flash files - of both the object images AND the 3D model!

QuickTime and Macromedia Flash players are installed on most machines. Create great 360 degree views, basic animations and camera flights to enhance your website or shop presentations with great interactive content.

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