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iModeller Web Edition 3D Tour: 3D Result Improvement

iModeller 3D Web Edition Screenshot Once you created an initial model with iModeller 3D Web Edition, numerous functions are provided to further improve the quality of your results - both texture and geometry wise.

The generation of artificial object images is a simple yet effecitve way to add an edge to your 3D model´s geometry. And the different mask options allow for stunning, photorealistic textures which will it hard to make a difference between the original object and its 3D model copy.

Details Mask - Liquid Mesh Control

iModeller 3D Web Edition Screenshot Applying the new Details mask will add more detail to the indicated 3D model parts - great for filigrane parts of the 3D model. With the Details mask, you will receive higher detail on filigrane object parts, provising small file sizes and great results.

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