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iModeller 3D: Professional and Web Edition Comparison Table

iModeller 3D Professional Edition and iModeller 3D Web Edition are similar products aimed at different applications:

iModeller 3D Professional Edition forms the ideal modelling tool to capture objects suitable for advanced 3D modelling and animation purposes.

iModeller 3D Web Edition provides 3D scanning capabilities in shape of the perfect tool for interactive and innovative web design.

Please find below a systematic feature comparison table between both products.

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History Functionality Undo/Redo only limited by memory

Multiple Mask Control Improvement of reconstruction by simple 2d masks: use texture from given area in picture, avoid texture from given area in picture, increase detail in this masked area

Texture Atlas Generation The 3d model is automatically textured with the least-distorted texture

HTML Template Support Export .UZR files with ready-made, configurable, HTML templates

Merging Functionality Different sets of pictures (e.g. upper-, lower part of object) can be merged into one 3d model

Bundle Adjustment Calibration result is improved by additional points on the object specified by user, results in minimal error of reconstruction(<1%)

Model Resolution Adjustment The number of the 3d model's polygons is interactively specified by the user. The maximum number is given by the details of the object, typically 30000, but sometimes up to 600000.

Alpha Channel Detection Mask images with Photoshop or 3rd party-tools

Voxel Controls Tweak the smoothness of your object

UZR View your 3D objects in any in Java-enabled browser

QuickTime Fly-bys and rotations around any object in Apple's interactive movie content

Macromedia Flash Fly-bys and rotations around any object as interactive movie content

3DS Autodesk 3D-Studio's traditional 3D-file format

C4D Maxon Cinema 4D native file format

DXF Autodesk's data exchange format

STL Stereolithography for 3D Plotters

OBJ Alias Wavefront Maya and Lightwave formats

VRML Open 3d file format standard