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iModeller 3D Web Edition: Specifications

iModeller 3D Web Edition Screenshot

iModeller 3D Web Edition - the perfect tool to create textured 3D models for your Web3D application. Available for both Windows and Max OS X systems. Read below for a feature list and system requirements.

Variable Image Import Formats. iModeller 3D Professional Edition supports BMP, JPG, PCD, PNG, PSD, TGA and TIF files.

Variable Web Exports. Save your 3D model as UZR, Macromedia Flash, and QuickTime files.

Template Functionalities. Streamline your Web3D HTML content production. Create templates only once and publish complete HTML pages with a single mouseclick.

Plugin-Free Web 3D. Harness the power of the java based UZR Viewer with panoramic image background support.

Automatic Alpha Channel Detection. Allows premasking of the images with any externam image editing software (e.g. Adobe Photoshop).

Texturing Options. Use the Texture On and Texture Off Masks to select preferred object image parts.

Mesh Control. The unique Details Mask allows to bring out filigrane object parts.

Virtual Light Source. Add a virtual light source to create great visual effects.

Award-Winning User Interface. Creating high-quality results has never been easier - even for absolute 3D graphics newbies.

Automatized Modelling Functions. Create 3D files with a single mouse click.

3D Material Control. Add phong and metal shadings to your 3D model.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows: ME/NT/2000/XP (Windows 2000/XP recommended), Pentium II/400 MHz (Pentium III/Athlon 800 MHz recommended)
  • Macintosh: Mac OS X 10.1.5 or higher, G4 733 MHz
  • 800x600@16 Bit HighColor Graphics (1024x768@32 Bit TrueColor recommended)
  • OpenGL Support
  • 30 MB free Hard Disk Space (recommended 350 MB)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • VGA or higher resoluted Monitor
  • Mouse (Wheel-Mouse recommended)
  • Digital Camera / Webcam
  • Printer
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