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iModeller 3D - 3D within a Minute!

iModeller 3D turns your camera into a full 3D scanner - no additional hardware required! All you need to do is take a series of images showing the object from all sides. From these images, iModeller 3D reconstructs a fully textured 3D geometry, suitable for further 3D rendering, animation or sophisticated web and graphics design.

iModeller 3D Professional Edition Logo iModeller 3D Web Edition Logo

iModeller 3D is available in two different Editions, opted for different application fields.

iModeller 3D Professional Edition - the 3D Modeller´s Best Friend.

Use your 3D result for great renderings or animations! With numerous 3D export formats (3DS, C4D, DXF, STL, OBJ, VRML), iModeller 3D Professional Edition integrates seamlessly into your 3D production work flow.

iModeller 3D Web Edition - the Perfect Tool for Web 3D Content Creation.

Enhance your web site, web shop, or eLearning application with stunning interactive content using iModeller 3D Web Edition! Export your 3D model, 360 degree view or step by step animation to QuickTime and Macromedia Flash files and harness the power of the Java based UZR Viewer for online 3D display - without the need for a browser plugin.